Hi! My name is Andrew. Welcome to my website! I use this as a place to collect and share some of my thoughts on statistics and R. I also use it to record new things I learn in case my future self forgets some of the details. It was built using the R package blogdown using the Hugo Lithium theme with some minor modifications.

For about two years I worked as a data analyst at a bank. I did quite a lot there including ad-hoc analyses, ETL, exploratory modeling, and writing R packages for our group. I also did a lot of work towards establishing better practices for our team like improving documentation and using version control.

Before that, I got a master’s in statistics from San Diego State University and a bachelor’s in applied math from UC San Diego. I was mostly interested in computer-intensive statistical methods, time series analysis, and of course R!

Before entering college I spent 6 years in the Navy where I worked in nuclear power. I was responsible for maintaining steam and reactor plant chemistry and for supervising radiological controls.